Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Hubby had a gift card for a restaurant in the villiage. What the heck, we had time, let’s go to lunch!Bull

So, we did.

The decore was funky, the waitress an absolute doll, and the food fantastic. We enjoyed the impromptu date.

When we arrived home, I checked my email. A lovely surprise waiting for me in my in box: A note that I soon would be receiving an offer from the company I had interviewed at yesterday.


Meet and greet

Am I nervous? Well, not too much, not yet, at least. I showered, applied makeup, and then did up my hair in a French twist before I realized I didn’t own a pair of the Devil’s garments. Panty hose suck, but I didn’t want to arrive bare legged. I gave my best puppy dog eyes to my hubby, who dashed off to the market and scored a pair. I looked at them with distain, wondering how ill they’ll fit. Will the crotch go no further than my knees? Will the waistband continually roll down to my hips? Gotta love nylons, eh?

I managed to slither into the silky tubing without ripping or tearing. So far, so good. I managed to stretch the short waist over my long waist, and it stayed put. Yay! Surly, a good sign, right? I mean, if the hair goes up well on the first try, and the hose goes on without mayhap, it must be a positive portend of things to come!

I arrived early. I didn’t know what the traffic would be like or if I’d have trouble finding the place, so I gave myself plenty of time. I also took my knitting knowing that I’d have to wait. I’m glad I did. I spent a few minutes trying to calm my shaking hands before the soothing rhythm of the needles settled my attack of nerves.

A few rows later, I was whisked upstairs to a conference room. First I met with the hiring manager. Then I met with the first panel of three. Another panel of three followed, and then a wrap-up with the manager. I’ve never had an interview experience where it felt more like catching with friends than the nerve-wracking exchange of questions that I hope I answered correctly.

I have one more interview to go, and then they’ll send me an offer (I’m thinking positively!)

Out with the old

I advertised my yard sale on Craig’s list, in the Reader, and on some website that lists garage sales. I posted a bunch-o signs around the neighborhood. I hoped that the aforementioned efforts would bring hoards of people to snatch up all the items I wished to sell.

While I never saw droves of people, nearly everything sold on Saturday. Yay! Most everything else sold on Sunday, and the rest I donated. My garage is now clean and organized.

Extra, extra! Read all about it

I have an interview with a company next week.

Once the red tape of posting the job was tied up, the HR person contacted me immediately. I can’t believe how fast this opportunity went from idea to interview.

I’m short on interview attire as I’ve been in mostly jeans for the last 10 years. I mentioned this to my husband who immediately said he’d take me shopping and help dress me. He then amended the offer to include our oldest daughter, aka the “fashionista.”

I’m excited!

On the town

Dinner was amazing. I couldn’t have imagined a nicer view, better cuisine, or a more attentive date. We enjoyed cocktails on the terrace, and chatted with another couple from Texas while we waited for our table.

When we were ready, our wait staff escorted us to a table with a fantastic view. One the table was a beautiful floral arrangement and card addressed to me. Very romantic.

We spent several hours dining, sipping wine, chatting and laughing.

Vice, vice, baby

I gave into temptation . . . and took a Technique Tuesday class at a local stamp shop. Even though the shop is close to my house, I seldom get to indulge my craft addiction on Tuesdays because work interferes.

I know! That’s just wrong – work getting in the way of craft classes.

I felt sorry for the instructor, who is awesome, because many of the attendees had their cranky pants on. Rather than listen to the biddies bitch, I helped out the instructor. Despite the nattering, I had a good time and I learned something new.

Building memories

I’m a sucker for tear-filled blue eyes in the face of my angelic youngest daughter. Well, not really, but today I sure am! Poppet, over tired from the wild weekend, just couldn’t cope with . . . anything. Brushing teeth, let alone hair, was a Herculean task just too much to contemplate, let alone do. I caved, I gave into the baby melt down, and let her stay home.

However, no screen. If she stayed home, she had to work!

She had to pick up the living room, help take the trash cans out to the curb, deal with a basket of laundry (hers!), and go coupon shopping with me.

Okay, truth is, we had a great time together. She’s a great grocery shopping buddy. Our favorite part is waiting until everything has been rung up before handing over coupons and swiping our rewards card. We love trying to guess the final amount.

I like that I have this opportunity to build memories with my kids.

Mini golf, go carts, and bumper boats

Yeah, what can I say? I caved and took the kids and a few of their friends to Boomers for a day of fun and frolic. I must say that I had a great time on the go carts with girls who weren’t tall enough to go alone. While waiting for the okay to race along the track, my youngest daughter asked “make it go vroom, vroom, momma!” How could I refuse a request like that? So, rev the engine I did.

There was Ferris wheel riding, miniature golf playing, getting drenched on the bumper boats, and lots of games of the video variety played. My son hit the jack pot on one game, which belched out 1,000 tickets. He was ecstatic beyond measure. Of course, I had to sit on the floor and make them neat – lol. What fun.

When it came time to cash in his tickets, my son made it a point to get gifts for both of his sisters before selecting something for himself. Moments like this fill my heart and make me think I just might be doing something right in the parenting department.

It’s just like Legos

I suppose many people look at flat-packed merchandise and think “great, now that I’ve got it home, I have to put it together.” Yeah, I can relate to that. I’ve put my fair share of furniture together and I’ve coerced my husband to put his fair share together, too. Every thing from cribs to TV cabinets.

We bought a dresser from Ikea just a couple of days ago. Neither my husband nor I were looking forward to assembling it. My son figured he’d get started on it. At 11, I figured he could put together the drawers, and doing that much would be a huge help. Imagine my surprised when, after thoroughly reading the instructions he announced “it’s just like Legos.”

Really? Huh, I guess it kinda is, sorta.

He pretty much assembled the dresser by himself. A drill, mallet, allen wrenches, a little help from dad, and viola!

I’m impressed, pleased, and proud as heck of my son’s can-do attitude and willingness to give it a go.

Proud Mommy Kat

Garage re-org

Yeah, it’s that time. Frankly, it’s waaaay past that time. I’ve got the kids kids schleping, organizing, classifying, and not bickering with one another. How’s that for magic?

It’s hard work, but I don’t mind. I like how everything looks and how it’s easy to get to the stuff we use on an every day basis.

Although right this second I’m thinking that it’s time for a union break . . . Yeah, that’s it! A moment to rest and relax.

Oops! Break time over. Gotta go!

By candle light

During the great garage reorg, we un-earthed a candle making kit I received as a gift a million years ago. (I seldom exaggerate!) The kit contained sheets of bees wax and a bundle of cotton string for the wick.

My son asked if he could make one. Why not? I showed him how, and then he made several. So did my youngest and her sleepover guest. The kids created a candle scape on the hearth, and then lit every single one. The sweet scent of honey permeated the living room.

Such a simple craft, and yet we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Computer corner

I’ve reorganized the office corner in my bedroom. Got a new computer desk from a consignment store cheap!

We got rid of the make-shift stuff that I pushed together to make do. I’m much happier with that corner of my room. Thanks to my bestest buddy and my hubby, it was ripped out, cleaned, and put back together (neatly organized, too!) in a jiffy.

Next, I’ve got to tackle the craft corner. My room is very much like the family room. Yes, there’s a bed in which I sleep, but mostly we watch TV, use the computer, and craft. Lots, and lots of craft projects happen in the craft corner. The bed does double duty as a surface on which to assemble projects.

Crazy, I know. However, with five people in less than 1,500 sf, one gets space efficient and figures out how to make areas do double duty quickly!