Monday, Monday

Spring break is over, so it’s back to the school week routine. My son purchased an alarm clock over the break. I heard its clatter at 6AM. Imagine my surprise when I went into his room ten minutes later to wake him, only to find the bed empty. Well, not exactly empty, the dog wasn’t ready to vacate her warm, cozy spot. After waking the girls, I moseyed out to the kitchen to brew coffee, only to find my son at the table eating breakfast.

I’m positive that we had an alien invasion. Clearly something cosmic happened between the hours of one and six in the morning, because I know my son! We should be having the requisite “time to get up!” discussion (did I say discussion? I meant battle).

Because I truly want this independent behavior to continue, I praised him a bunch.

Clearly, the alien invasion did not include the girl’s room, as my youngest daughter awoke and tumbled out of bed wearing her cranky pants.

If you happen to see little green men wandering about, please send them to her room and have them zap her with the getting up early ray they used on my son.


One thought on “Monday, Monday”

  1. Yikes! Your son is old enough to be borrowing an alarm clock? Where did the years go?!? I’ll watch for little green men & send them your direction. 🙂


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