Alarm clocks, cereal, and braces

Wanna know how long the alarm/get up independently gig worked? One day. Today? I had to threaten him with dire consequences. What can I say?

I slept icky last night, damn those peri-menopausal hormones! Consequently, most of the day went by in a haze. I like being able to take the kids to school, and they like it, too. I like that I get to pick them up from school, too.

My youngest daughter is working on a “cereal book report.” It’s so darn cute! StarryCharms

We covered a cereal box with craft paper, used the Cricuit™ to cut out the lettering, and the “Ingredients” are the characters of the story. Totally adorable! On the back of the box she’ll affix the story summary.

My son is all over seventh grade, he can’t wait. In particular, he wants to join the Archery club. While at 6th grade camp, he got a taste of it, and loves it! Apparently, he’s pretty good at it, too. He’s okay with wearing a uniform, and he’s angling for a tour of the school. Fun stuff.

My oldest just got her bottom braces – and her mouth is all ripped up from the unfamiliar hardware in her mouth. Poor baby. Of course, she isn’t playing the situation to the hilt . . . She’s caught up in school and ready to take on the rest of the semester.

I finished all the paper work for two of the assistance programs we’re applying for. Gathering all the required information and filling out their (redundant!) forms is taxing, to say the least. Further, they want our 2012 taxes, which we submitted to our CPA today! Good luck with that! If nothing else, at least we can supply for the 2011 tax year. Once we have all this stuff gathered, we’ll have it at our finger tips for the next assistance program we apply for.

It’s nice to tick things off my many checklists. There’s a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment knowing that I can take care of my family.

Okay, off to see what else I can accomplish.


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