Extreme couponing

My oldest daughter loves to watch the extreme couponing shows. For quite some time she’s been talking to me about doing the same thing. I told her the story about how, years ago, I used to do the The Grocery Game, and it was quite profitable. By learning how to match coupons with sale items, I would tally up hundreds of dollars of groceries but pay just a few dollars. Some of my friends may remember that my stockpile was so large that I could live off of it for about three months if I had to.

Life got busy, complicated, and I stopped doing the extreme coupon thing. My stock pile dwindled down to a paltry few items. I was okay with that, as I regained the time it took to clip, organize, and shop. I began using that much needed time for myself.

In my most recent life change it appears that I not only have time, but I can use the money. (Although, I work harder now that I don’t have a job than I did when I was working!)

So, I registered for the 4-week free trial at The Grocery Game, read through the getting started materials, and watched the video. Glad I did! Things have changed considerably. The coolest thing is going online and loading up my store cards with coupons. I know! No clipping coupons! I can print out the list of coupons and give it to my my husband to do the shopping. LOL, couponing made easy.

I split my day up between job hunting, applying to various assistance programs, household management, and writing. Oh, and I get to take my kids to and from school, which is kinda cool. Having a schedule and reasons to get out of bed has helped keep depression at bay.

Okay, off to file paper coupons, so antiquated!

The Grocery Game http://www.TheGroceryGame.com/ref/29-vatH
I earn a free month for everyone who goes beyond their free trial 🙂


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