Miracle workers

Today was all about finishing up my resumé – a daunting task. What the heck did I do? How do I describe the somewhat esoteric tasks that make up my job description? Not just the last position I held at my former company, but I needed information about the first position I had held there, too. Arrgh!

There are all kinds of miracles, and one just needs to pay attention to see them. A lovely goddess with whom I worked in my first position held on to everything from ten years ago. That’s a miracle. She had a job description that fit what I used to do – yet another miracle. I populated that section of my resumé with the information she sent to me. Woot!

The goddess who continually threatens to put me in a headlock shot me the description of the second position I had held. Even though she frequently threatens me with bodily harm, I know she loves me. It’s a strange, symbiotic relationship, Freud would have a field day . . . I digress.

I cheated. I searched the web for a job description that seemed close to what I do, and cribbed from that. It was close, but required a lot of finessing. Time for more coffee!

I finally got it to where it seemed close, but if I stared at the text any longer, my eyes would remain permanently crossed. I sent a plea, and my resumé, to the goddess of grammar. Speaking of eyes, this particular goddess is up to her eyeballs with a project requiring quick turn-around times. Yet somehow, she made time for me. Her suggestions were spot-on, and my resumé is better because of her thoughtful and encouraging critique.

One last pass: I hog tied my husband into helping me. Yes, I took advantage of him first, then sat him in front of the computer and made him read every word! His suggested changes made sense, and I had a good time playing words with him. Somewhere along the line, this daunting task turned fun, and his participation played a huge part in that fun.

Time to send the resumé off to . . . can’t tell you where, but an opportunity dropped into my lap. Cross your fingers and toes. It sounds like an exciting position.
Ciao for now.


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