Birthday bonanza

Saturday was all about my youngest daughter. We had a family celebration, and she felt like the rodeo star she is. Maybe I’m just being a mom when I say “she’s so damn cute!” But then again, maybe she truly is charming, funny, and too smart for my own good. Yeah, that’s so “mom” talking 🙂

Sunday was all about a birthday party at Boomers for my oldest daughter’s friend. All my kids were invited, so I loaded everyone into the car and off we went. The party was from 11 to 2, but we stayed until 4. Why? Heck, with a wrist band to ride whatever you wanted or play miniature golf as many times as you like, why not? My job was to watch the gear at the table: cake, purses, iPods, whatever. So I knitted while the rest of the party did the party thang.

Do I or don’t I, that is the question. The kids answered that for me with a resounding YES! So, we went Extreme Coupon shopping. My son was in charge of the list, my youngest daughter in charge of pushing the cart, and my oldest daughter was in charge of finding the items and placing them in the cart. Coupon shopping has never been so much fun. They saw things they wanted, but policed each other with “if it’s not on the list, or we don’t have a coupon, we’re not going to buy it.” Who knew that shopping could be a teachable moment, which I didn’t need to facilitate? Even better, they helped unload the car and put everything away without complaint.

They can’t wait until our next Extreme Coupon shopping adventure.


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