Computer corner

I’ve reorganized the office corner in my bedroom. Got a new computer desk from a consignment store cheap!

We got rid of the make-shift stuff that I pushed together to make do. I’m much happier with that corner of my room. Thanks to my bestest buddy and my hubby, it was ripped out, cleaned, and put back together (neatly organized, too!) in a jiffy.

Next, I’ve got to tackle the craft corner. My room is very much like the family room. Yes, there’s a bed in which I sleep, but mostly we watch TV, use the computer, and craft. Lots, and lots of craft projects happen in the craft corner. The bed does double duty as a surface on which to assemble projects.

Crazy, I know. However, with five people in less than 1,500 sf, one gets space efficient and figures out how to make areas do double duty quickly!


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