It’s just like Legos

I suppose many people look at flat-packed merchandise and think “great, now that I’ve got it home, I have to put it together.” Yeah, I can relate to that. I’ve put my fair share of furniture together and I’ve coerced my husband to put his fair share together, too. Every thing from cribs to TV cabinets.

We bought a dresser from Ikea just a couple of days ago. Neither my husband nor I were looking forward to assembling it. My son figured he’d get started on it. At 11, I figured he could put together the drawers, and doing that much would be a huge help. Imagine my surprised when, after thoroughly reading the instructions he announced “it’s just like Legos.”

Really? Huh, I guess it kinda is, sorta.

He pretty much assembled the dresser by himself. A drill, mallet, allen wrenches, a little help from dad, and viola!

I’m impressed, pleased, and proud as heck of my son’s can-do attitude and willingness to give it a go.

Proud Mommy Kat


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