Mini golf, go carts, and bumper boats

Yeah, what can I say? I caved and took the kids and a few of their friends to Boomers for a day of fun and frolic. I must say that I had a great time on the go carts with girls who weren’t tall enough to go alone. While waiting for the okay to race along the track, my youngest daughter asked “make it go vroom, vroom, momma!” How could I refuse a request like that? So, rev the engine I did.

There was Ferris wheel riding, miniature golf playing, getting drenched on the bumper boats, and lots of games of the video variety played. My son hit the jack pot on one game, which belched out 1,000 tickets. He was ecstatic beyond measure. Of course, I had to sit on the floor and make them neat – lol. What fun.

When it came time to cash in his tickets, my son made it a point to get gifts for both of his sisters before selecting something for himself. Moments like this fill my heart and make me think I just might be doing something right in the parenting department.


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