Building memories

I’m a sucker for tear-filled blue eyes in the face of my angelic youngest daughter. Well, not really, but today I sure am! Poppet, over tired from the wild weekend, just couldn’t cope with . . . anything. Brushing teeth, let alone hair, was a Herculean task just too much to contemplate, let alone do. I caved, I gave into the baby melt down, and let her stay home.

However, no screen. If she stayed home, she had to work!

She had to pick up the living room, help take the trash cans out to the curb, deal with a basket of laundry (hers!), and go coupon shopping with me.

Okay, truth is, we had a great time together. She’s a great grocery shopping buddy. Our favorite part is waiting until everything has been rung up before handing over coupons and swiping our rewards card. We love trying to guess the final amount.

I like that I have this opportunity to build memories with my kids.


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