These shoes are made for . . .

My oldest daughter is out early all this week due to state testing. Well, heck! I might as well take advantage of this opportunity and take her to lunch. Can lunch be lunch without a trip to a store which contains clothing? Of course not!

She had her eye on a pair of shoes at a department store. I let her talk me into taking her there “just to see them, Mommy.” She must think I’m a push-over or something. As I did buy her the shoes, I guess I am. Drat! The good news is, I found a pair for me, too; something comfy yet still work appropriate. I’m stoked!

I don’t mind shopping for others, or shopping for my home, but I detest clothes shopping for me. That I found something that not only fit, but was comfortable AND affordable, felt like finding the pot-o-gold. Maybe it’s a portent of things to come, as I’ve procrastinated purchasing new work clothes, maybe I should take my oldest out to lunch again tomorrow. Why not? It worked before.


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