Snaggle tooth

I skipped my morning yoga class today to spend a couple of hours in the dentist’s chair, instead. A crown cracked, and I was left with a stump of a tooth. It wouldn’t have been so bad had it been one of the back teeth. But, nooo! It’s a front-and-center tooth. My hubby teased me and my kids wouldn’t kiss me goodbye. Geesh!

I kept my promise to pick up my oldest, and we scooted over to a mom-and-pop stand for chocolate & peanut butter shakes. I seldom get these as they are highly addictive. We dashed off to yet another shopping center to replenish our supply of body washes from Bath and Body Works.

My favorite is the Black Currant and Vanilla. My fashionista went for Pink Chiffon.

Time to go home and collapse in front of the TV. Oh, and then watch the blonde’s play the Lego version of Lord of the Rings on the XBox. Must see TV!


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