Building skills

LoomThis week was all about building and setting up a loom. At first I was hoping I could get my husband to assemble the loom. No, go as he had too many things going on all at the same time. I cajoled my son – he rolled his eyes at me. Heavy sigh. Fine, I’ll do it myself . . . and I did!

LoomThreadedNext comes warping the loom. After watching a few YouTube videos, I was ready to try my hand at it. It’s fairly simple. I enjoyed working the the lovely yarn my Fiber Goddess gave me a long time ago. I love the colors and I’m pleased that I have a project for which I can use the beautifully colored yarn.

Okay, so I warped it backwards. Up until now everything went well, surly it was time for a mistake. I convinced my husband to help me swap the bars. Once we completed that task, it was time to separate the warp threads on the beater bar. (That sounds naughty, doesn’t it?) While a bit time consuming, the tasks of setting up the loom for weaving are rather calming.

When my youngest daughter arrived home from school, she was excited and took to weaving with the air of someone who knows what they’re doing. WeavingProject


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