Adventures in dining

This week is all about training. I learned two very important things: how much I know, and how much I need to learn 🙂Nan_Dishes

One of the things I love about traveling is experiencing new and interesting restaurants. Wednesday night we enjoyed Indian cuisine. The food at place we were taken to was amazing! We each ordered something, and then shared all around family style. I loved having the opportunity to sample from every dish.

They had a flat screen TV affixed to a wall that was playing Indian music videos. I was impressed with the imagery and choreography. The videos were well produced, featuring attractive, athletic performers.

So far, so good

My goals this week were just slightly elevated.

  • Find the entrance to the jogging loop and walk it at least once
  • Chat with the kidlets while on the way home.
  • Use the secret truck by-pass, see if it reduces the commute home
  • Laugh, out loud. Maybe even giggle at my desk.
  • Don’t do or say anything remotely stupid

A very successful week 🙂

The cat came back

I don’t know why they were so surprised that I came back each and every day this week. But I’m glad that they want me there.

My goals were, again, nominal.

  • Match the room noted on the meeting invite to the physical conference room.
  • Find and use the stairs
  • Make use of the Coffee Cafe
  • Don’t do or say anything really stupid

Tough week. Well, three outta four isn’t too bad, huh?