Flight of the caffeine bee

It’s an easy flight from San Diego to Tucson. Getting up at 5:00 in the morning to make a 7:30 flight? Not so easy, but we did it.

I wanted to throw away my coffee cup and napkin before we boarded the plane. I asked my husband if he knew where the trash can was. I may have asked where it was, but really, that was wife-speak for “will you please throw this away or me?” So, when he didn’t jump to the task, I asked him if he’d throw my trash away for me.

I was about to give him the look; you know which one I mean. This look could be interpreted as long-suffering or irritated; or maybe it might mean if you rubbed two brain cells together, you might spark a clue! Fortunately, I looked at him before spearing him with “the look.”

“Oh my god! I thought you were my husband! I’m so sorry” Boy, was my face red.

The gentleman behind the man-who-was-not-my-husband was vastly amused, and he made mention of the looks on both of our faces between his guffaws. Of the three of us, the man-who-was-not-my-husband didn’t find the situation nearly as humorous as did the gentleman and me.

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