Thanks a latte

Every day on my way to work I visit the Starbucks on El Cajon Blvd and 67th Street. Yesterday was no exception, although what happened kinda was. When I pulled up to the window, the gal exclaimed “Peggy, what are you …!” Her eyes grew large and round and she stammered “you’re not Peggy.” I thought the whole thing hilarious. She was embarrassed because she was about to take “Peggy” to task for not coming inside and visiting. She comp’d my latte, and wished me a lovely day. I heard her laughing as I drove off. I’m glad she found the situation as amusing as did I.

This morning there was a very long lineup of cars at the drive through. Ah, no worries! I skimmed through my Facebook timeline and read the headlines while I waited for my turn to first order, and then pick up my latte at the window. Yet another surprise found me! The barista said “it’s already taken care of.” Huh?

“What?” Quick on the up-take, aren’t I?

“Someone ahead of you paid for your latte.”

Boy, did I feel like I’d just won the lottery. I savored the coffee on my drive to work, sipping in between bouts of grinning like a loon.

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Spreading words

Spreading words

Recently, I reblogged about the cool free library.

Since then, not only has one popped up in my neighborhood, but on my very street!

I took great pleasure in rounding up a stack of books, walking up the street, and arranging the books in this very adorable case.

Many thanks to whomever came up with this idea, and also to my neighbor who installed our very own Little Free Library.

Shopping in someone else’s cart

Hubby and I stopped into Trader Joe’s the other day. Of course, he had cart duty. In the cheese section of the store, I picked up some yummy goat cheese and placed it into our cart.

“Excuse me, that’s my cart.” I glanced up and noticed that the man who had positioned his cart a whisper away from my derriere was not my husband. Fortunately, a moment later, my hubby and our cart arrived.

We all laughed over the incident, and then I retrieved the cheese and placed it into our cart.

I hope this is not some trend where I keep mistaking other people for my husband. First, I’m insisting my husband/stranger to throw away my trash at an airport; second, I’m placing items into my husband’s/stranger’s cart.