Atom bomb

“Hey, mom, I need you to follow me to the bedroom,” my oldest daughter announces.
“You want me to move from my comfortable spot on the couch?”
“Well, okay.”

I heave out of my warm, cozy nest and then follow her back to my bedroom. While we’re walking, she explains,

CarbonAtomExample“I need to make a 3-D model of a carbon atom. I have a picture up on the computer you can look at. We can make it out of anything, marshmallows, balls and string …”

Really? 8:30 the night before it’s due? Well, if it weren’t for procrastination, nothing would ever get done.

I look at the image she had displayed on the computer monitor and think, I can do that! I pull out my trusty-dusty Spellbinder circle dies, Cuttlebug, and Circle-Diesblack paper from my craft area. I tape the two largest rings together to make the outer circle, and tape the next two sizes together to make the middle ring. We sandwich the paper, dies, and cutting boards together and run them through the Cuttlebug.

We have the whole thing assembled in about 20 minutes. Not bad for having no time to think about it or plan it out, huh?

Show and TellCarbonAtom

Last night, my daughter tells me that her teacher thought it was the cutest atom project she’d ever seen. My daughter replied “My mom did it. Ask all my friends, she’s really into crafts.”

Did I detect a note of pride in my daughters voice? Yes, yes I did.

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