Mowing lawns for yoyos

So, my son and his friend asked what they could do to earn money. They lamented that they were too young to go out and get a “real summer job.” They mowed the back yard, and raked leaves for $5, each. They mowed the front lawn and earned another $5, each. They uncluttered and swept my bedroom and scored another $5, total. I know! I’m cheap.

lawnyoyoHeavy sigh. “How can we earn more money?” My son asked.

“Why don’t you walk around the neighborhood, knock on a few doors, and ask if you can mow lawns.” My son and his friend were galvanized into action. Off they went to seek their fortunes. They returned a couple of hours later excited because they mowed 5 lawns at $10 per lawn. They were stoked not just because they’d scored $50, but because they had made appointments to mow three more lawns the next day. Saturday rolled around and they came back with $40, because one place payed them especially well.

My son is excited because he earned enough to purchase a cool, trick yoyo that he’s had his eye on. His friend is excited because he earned 2/3 toward something he dearly wants. Both boys said that they felt quite grown up, and very proud of themselves.

And there goes my son now… off to his 6:00 lawn mowing appointment.


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