A walk in the park

One of my favorite places to walk is Torrey Pines. When my oldest daughter and her friend wanted to take a hike, I immediately thought of going there, and taking my younest daughter to wander around the trailes with me. It was lovely day, and the older girls had a blast doing their own thing. 20140621_161225

I like it when I have opportunities to spend one-on-one time with my kids. We get to engage in conversations that give me insights into who they are and what’s on their minds. Sometimes, it’s nice to simply be in each other’s company.

20140621_161835Sometimes, it’s simply an opportunity to snap photos of the kids who inspire me to be a better person, a better mom. My youngest is interested in video games, Legos, animals, and conversation. She’s still young enough to want to hold my hand and climb onto my lap. She’s old enough to entertain herself and explore ideas that captures her interest. 20140621_162142

I look forward to taking many more walks with my kids. I can’t wait to discover what we’ll learn about each other and ourselves.



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