Cars of ComicCon

Jurassic Park

I remember reading the book, and then going to the cinema to watch the movie. 20140726_110311 20140726_110324

In the book, they used Toyota Land Cruisers. In the movie, Ford Explorers.

This Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6, a limited production pickup built from a modified G-Class, was made for Jurassic World. It features six wheel drive and four independently locking differentials.

Sin City

20140726_114117Loved the way-cool cars at the Sin City display.  I have this think for old cars. I’m not exactly sure what Sin City is, I’m guessing that it’s a video game. There was a long line, and I think that it must have been worth it, as people were waiting in during the mid-day heat. 20140727_132203

20140727_132243 20140727_132233 20140727_132216

 Honorable Mention

Only at ComicCon do even the vans don costumes…


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