Adventure Time Kitty: Sunday in Montréal

It was an easy journey from San Diego to Toronto, where I cleared customs and security, and then made it to the gate to await the flight to Montréal. Canadian customs is a breeze. There isn’t much to say about everything going smoothly. I was on a celebrity flight, as I shared air space with Sophia Lucia from Dance Moms, some NBA player with whom I am not familiar, and the Toronto Volleyball team. The cab driver did miss the exit, so I got an impromptu sight seeing excursion in a round about way. Other than that, I arrived on my host’s doorstep ready to eat, drink, and be merry.

salmonpasteappeWhat is a trip to Montreal without dining at Kazu? When revisiting a restaurant, there’s always the question of “will it be as good as I remember?”

Kazu continues to delivers on presentation and taste. We began with the Calcium salmon -Paste with tortilla


KazuBarThe interesting layering of flavors are easily scooped up with the tortilla. It’s bad manners to lick the plate, so I didn’t, even though I really wanted to.

We sat at the bar, which is where all the action takes place. It’s like dinner and a show, watching the chefs create visual masterpieces. Next came the pork bones, and then the salmon and tuna salad. The flavors and textures were truly orgasmic. Seriously yummy.


Next came Kobo steak that I think was my favorite. No, it was the appetizer… no, wait, the salad… What can I say? Kazu maintains its position as a go-to spot for dining while visiting Montréal.

A happy and sated Kat made it back to the homestead just in time to snore during watch The Guild, which is way too hilarious and features two from the cast of The Big Bang Theory, Simon Helberg, aka Howard Wolowitz, and Wil Wheaton. I’m not sure how many episodes I saw verses how many I slept through. No worries, I caught up to where everyone else was the next day. There are advantages to being an early riser in a group of night owls.

Next: Monday in Montreal

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