Adventure Time Kitty: Monday in Montréal

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I awoke bright and early. Well, it was 9 am in Montréal where I was staying, but 6 am West coast time, where I live. I both slept in and woke early. How’s that for Second Cuptime management? My hosts were still fast asleep – where does that phrase come from? Is it possible to be “slow asleep?” Isn’t that truly more accurate, as your breathing and pulse slows down considerable while sleeping?

Where was I? Oh, yes, rising early, throwing on clothes, and walking to the closest coffee shop for the magic elixir that brings brains online and gives many of us personalities. I scored a latte and sat on the patio. Bliss.

I probably sat there sipping coffee and people watching for an hour or so. I listened in on conversations spoken in multiple languages, none of which I understood. It was a peaceful yet energizing moment.

I gathered my thoughts and my belongings, and then headed back to the homestead. Meals were a collaborative event, and I had mango duty. I learned a mango trick via The Crazy Russian Hacker, a cool vlog to which my son introduced me. Yeah, peeling a mango using a glass went over big with the peeps. So much so, we scored another mango for Tuesday’s breakfast just so we could experiment. Mango experimentation, is that even legal?

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, we walked to a park. I watched a woman play hide-and-seek with her spaniel, way too cute. The park is situated on an overpass, and over the edge of the wall were cars zooming toward their ultimate destinations. What a study in contrasts as below are the harried drivers and above the playful park dwellers.

Maison Shaughnessy
Maison Shaughnessy 1923, Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, Montréal, Quebec, H3H, Canada Formally Recognized: 1974/02/06

Nestled among modern behemoths are beautiful building of days past. Now home of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, this particular gem “reflects the taste for architecture Second popularized in France in the late nineteenth century and very popular at Montreal Empire

I had no idea what “architecture Second” means, so I searched Google and found this tidbit from Wikipedia:

Second Empire is an architectural style, most popular between 1865 and 1880, and so named for the architectural elements in vogue during the era of the Second French Empire. As the Second Empire style evolved from its 17th century Renaissance foundations, it acquired an eclectic mix of earlier European styles, most notably the Baroque often combined with mansard roofs and low, square based domes

On all of our city walks I noticed quite a bit of construction. Montréal will be spectacular once they finish repairing it. Kidding! It is a beautiful city, one I hope to see again.

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