Young executive

I’m brushing my teeth, getting ready for work one morning, and in marches my youngest daughter with her pink, canvas-covered binder. She plants herself on the floor and announces “you have papers to sign, mom.”

Oh, I do, do I?

pinkbinderMy young CEO riffled though her papers, pulling out the ones she required and set them aside. Once she collected what she was looking for, she held them and a pen out to me. Okay, I guess the place to do this is here, and the time is now. I sit down on the floor and, using the toilet seat cover as a desk, diligently fill out and sign the required paperwork.

“Thanks, mom,” she says as I hand her the signed documents. She files the papers using a system I’ve seen all my kids use as some point: stuff the papers wherever they’ll fit. My pint-sized executive marches out the door, and I can’t help but think that her binder looks very much like a brief case. Wow, first thing in the morning, I’ve been issued orders from a very determined young lady.

I’m most curious where her executive orders may one day take her.


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