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Earlier this summer, my youngest daughter began planning her Halloween costume. One can’t start too soon with concepts and reminders to mom, because what if mom forgets? Constant an continual reminders are a must! She showed me pictures and videos of what she envisioned, and we talked about what mediums we’d use to accomplish this forest nymph- or sprite-like creature.

EnchantedCompositThe mom in me thought the outfit a bit skimpy for a 10-year old. Yet the idea that my daughter wanted to create a costume rather than buy something pleased me greatly.

Shopping day arrived, and we visited a local craft shop for inspiration and DIY tips. She took charge of the shopping expedition, explaining in great detail to the staff her vision. The ladies who help us were quite charmed by my daughter’s enthusiasm, and within thirty minutes we had everything we needed to assemble a no-sew costume. (Woot! ‘cuz I can’t sew.)

The following day she help prep the tulle but took command of the antlers. Together we added tulle, bits of silk leaves, and a few more pipe cleaners. But wait! “Mom, I need butterfly wings!” The following week I scored butterfly wings at the dollar store.

The morning of her school fall festival dawns bright yet cool. We had volunteered to help set up the event. My youngest daughter, son, and his friend helped me set up the graveyard. My oldest daughter and her friend worked on the haunted house. Their father filled in where ever he was needed. My soon-to-be-tree-nymph and I skipped out to grab lunch and get her ready to debut her costume.


FFtreeShe is quite please with her costume and couldn’t wait to show it off.  Her delight clearly showed in her face and spoken in terms of “awesome,” “epic,” and “amazing.”

I love it when a plan comes together.

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Hand check

Last night my oldest daughter went to her school’s homecoming dance. She regaled me with tales about guys who “grabbed my hips and started grinding against me.” She decided to employ her power of body autonomy.

school2First, she spoke her displeasure, telling them that she didn’t dance that way, and then she showed her displeasure at their actions. I believe she mentioned that she walked away from one boy, slapped one, and did the grab-squeeze-twist move on another. My daughter is not only a character (she’s charming and funny), she has strength of character.

I wonder what would have happened if the boys had practiced consent. You know, asking if she wanted to dance with them instead of just grabbing her and assuming that she would gladly be the object of their desire.

Gettin’ my scare on



There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. ~George Carlin

There might be nights like that, but not at my house on All Hallow’s Eve. My youngest daughter has been planning her costume for weeks. Saturday, after getting my nails done, we made a bee-line for the craft store and purchased all the required sundries to make her vision a reality. She is so excited, she can hardly sleep. How many more days until Halloween?