Zippy the wonder girl

20141128_163237Zip lining… I personally don’t understand the appeal. I mean, why jump off a perfectly good tower? For that matter, why climb the tower in the first place? Not that I have an issue with heights, exactly.

When my adventure-bound youngest daughter decided that she really wanted to give it a try, I was a little nervous. Only a little nervous, mind you, as I wasn’t the one climbing and jumping off a tower. How could I refuse the excitement emanating from her?

I said yes, and off we went to gear up. Ahem, for her to gear up.20141128_171213 She was so excited, she could hardly stand still. 20141128_163930Finally, it was her turn to climb the stairs, oh, wait, “Hey mom, this is a great photo op!” Where does she get this from? No, don’t answer.

With great enthusiasm, she zipped across the park to the landing tower. See for yourself how she enjoyed the trip.


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