Mira, Mira on the shoes

20150217_163309My youngest daughter is a huge Animal Jam fan. Recently, she stumbled across Sketch Jam, where an artist demonstrates how to draw some of the animals featured in the interactive Animal Jam world.

My sweet youngest child decided that she wanted to draw an animal on the toe section, and that I could Zentangle the remainder of the shoes. It was fun working with her on this project. Listening to her talk about which animal to draw, which patterns she wanted to surround her animal, and wondering how long it will take to complete, made me smile. Once she decided on Mira, the crane, she hustled her dad out to shop for shoes.

20150217_163341She is proud of these shoes in which she took part in dreaming, planning, and creating. I can’t wait until we design our next pair!


5 thoughts on “Mira, Mira on the shoes”

  1. I use Sharpie pens. They will eventually fade with washing, but that’s no big deal. Don’t use anything alcohol based with which to protect them, it messes with the ink, and blurs the design.


  2. I used Sharpie pens. They will fade after a bunch of washings. Color Catchers will absorb any running, but I haven’t experienced Sharpie pens running when applied to fabric in the past. Thanks for your comments and questions!

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