Pink Slip

I thought it odd when I got a call from my manager on my cell phone requesting my presence in one of the small conference rooms on our floor. HR_Solutions_Layoff

I pick up my notebook, pen, and water bottle, and then made my way down the hall toward the meeting room she had indicated. About half-way there, I felt a squeezing sensation in my chest. I knew, at that moment, why I had been called to the conference room, and I knew, before I opened the door, who would be sitting in the room besides my immediate manager. I could see by the looks on their faces that theirs wasn’t a happy task.

While not a complete surprise, a change in leadership, cutbacks, poor stock performance, and the pulling of all contractor assignments, it is still a bit of a shock to be laid off.

Thankfully, I was given time to say goodbye to those who remain employed, and to the other co-workers in my department who were also let go.

I am sad I will no longer enjoy the camaraderie, challenges, laughter, and friendships, I had found in this department staffed with intelligent, witty, and gifted people. We all said in parting keep in touch. I am thankful for social media, so we can, indeed, remain connected.


8 thoughts on “Pink Slip”

  1. Kat, I’m so sorry. This really sucks. I hope that you find a new job soon and that it is a smooth and easy process. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Dang, this just makes me so unhappy for you. You are handling it like a champ. Good luck in the next weeks!

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  2. Oh, no! I know what this feels like — in fact, i was even disappointed to find out that the pink slips aren’t even pink!

    Hang in there! You’re both intelligent and skilled, so I know you will find something.


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