Ailments and cures

Thanks to my oldest child, I have come down with the upper respiratory infection that seems to be going around. She was gracious enough to share her germs with her siblings, as well. Have I not said before I have generous children?

When I lamented to my besties about how I was sick and feeling yucky, their initial responses ranged from, “oh, poor you!,” to “I hope you feel better soon,” to “You have cooties!” That last one always makes me smile.

SickKittyThe proposed remedies also ran the gamut of extremes. One suggestion was to insist my doctor give me a sinus cocktail shot. (Really, there’s such a thing? Apparently, as I read through quite a list of postings and articles when I searched for this mysterious potion.) The next suggestion, from a nurse, was quite sensible: Aleve, Sudafed, neti pot, and rest. Another chimed in “drink lots of water.” Last, but surely not at all least, came the coup de grâce: Jack Daniels. Hilarity ensued, as it usually does when we congregate, either virtually or in person. After all, isn’t good friends and laughter the best medicine?


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