A fair to remember

My good buddy and I, dressed to impress and armed with freshly minted resumes, checked out a job fair downtown today. I’ve been to good job fairs before, and this was nothing like a good job fair! As soon as we saw the poster indicating the focus was on sales, marketing, and management positions, we should have exited, stage left. But nooo, in for a dime, in for a dollar. So, along with several other job seekers, we rode the elevator up to the third floor.

job-fairWe were asked to fill out a form and submit both the form and our resumes, after which we were given a guide to the companies who were present. I took a look at the meager corporate presence and did a mental eye roll. Just for the heck of it, I chatted with the folks from Border Patrol. What the heck, networking is good, right? Yeah, well, after serving as an agent for two years, you can apply for a different position. Pfft.

On our way out, I expressed disappointment at the disappointing corporate turnout to the event’s host. We asked if they host events featuring high-tech companies, and he directed us to their website. I was curious who they were, and after asking, I learned they were essentially job brokers like Monster. Companies contracted with them to find talent to hire. When I mentioned selling insurance, timeshare condos, or retail merchandise wasn’t a good fit for me, he copped a condescending ‘tude and shot back with “at least its money.”

Dude, there’s more to it than just money.


One thought on “A fair to remember”

  1. I totally agree. OMG Even! Possitive things I got out of the day: hanging out with one of my besties, valet parking. (We were there such a short, she got her money back lol!), and got a ride in the elevator (yay!). The rest of it was a bust! On to the next one!


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