Beachcombing interlude

I traveled to San Luis Obispo last week to participate in a career fair at Cal Poly. There I met two of my previously-unknown-to-me co-workers, who quickly became my new best friends. The career fair was a blast, and the morning flew by! The event ended at 1:30 pm and our flights weren’t scheduled to leave until after 8 that night. I had a rental car, they had ideas of things to see, so off we went to exploring.

IMG_2831We drove about 20 minutes north on 101 to Morro Bay. Morro, Spanish for the crown, is part of the Morro Rock State Preserve, one of the California State Parks. This 22-23 million year old rock is one of Nine Sisters of rocks that extends from Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo hills. We drove onto the causeway connects it with the shore, which make it a tied island, and parked on the south side of the rock. Ha, rock! It’s pretty big for a rock. So, what’s the big deal about this rock? Turns out, it’s a volcanic plug formed when magma from a volcano solidifies in the pipe or neck and the surrounding sediment is eroded away. Essentially, I was standing next to the remains of an extinct volcano. Cool!

IMG_2835It was peaceful, and for a while we watched otters doing their otter things out in the bay. They were quite active and entertained us for quite a while. Once they settled down on their backs to float around for a while, we began exploring the area. We took the path for a while, and then braved the boulders and climbed down to the beach. I am happy to report, none of use twisted ankles or broke anything near and dear to our hearts.


It was late in the afternoon and we could see the marine layer inching its way inland. I became chilled and hiked back to the car for my jacket while my buddies searched for sand

On the South-West face of the rock we found caves, on was large enough for a mountain lion. I was curious what critters might inhabit the various spaces. Not curious enough to climb the rock to investigate, which is not allowed.

IMG_2831We wandered over to the north side of the rock and watched the surfers catch waves and wipe out, undaunted by the cold (aided by wet suites).

While I enjoyed people watching, the was quite a bit of activity on this side, I preferred the other, quieter side.

After watching the surfers for a while, we decided to get a bite to eat. We headed to Marisol at the Cliffs in Pismo Beach. Even though it was chilly by then, we opted to sit on the terrace where I enjoyed a glass of wine, coconut shrimp and fried calamari with sauce that was d’bomb! I enjoyed good conversation with my new friends, good wine, and good food – for what more could a girl ask?

View from Marisol’s terrace

Sated and hydrated, we had a couple more hours to kill before we needed to head to the airport. What to do? Apparently, the Farmer’s Market on Thursday nights is the place to see and be seen.

Before long, it was time to make our way to the airport, where we said our good-bys and made plans to keep in touch.


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