Playrooms and unfinished sessions

I’m attempting to gain more interactive gaming fluency for my job (really). My 14-year old son volunteered to help me. Even though there were times he wanted to do things for me because it was more efficient, he didn’t. Instead, he patiently directed me with tidbits and helpful hints. We played a version of air hockey, which was trippy and fun. He won, but by only one point. Then we played something called Playroom, which was entertaining for about five minutes. He showed me how to navigate through the interface, and we explored various options. I decided on a single-player, puzzle game where I could explore, get used to the controls, and wrap my head around game theory and interactive play. I made it to level two before it was time to begin fixing dinner. I didn’t disgrace myself too much, but I have a lot to learn before I can smoothly move through virtual worlds.

After breakfast the next morning, I was jonesing for another Unfinished Swan session.

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