Extra Poke ball supply

img_4988It’s so much fun coming up with nail design themes. I must say, I didn’t expect the response I’ve received from these! Men stopped me to admire them, a few took photos for their girlfriends and wives. Mom’s mentioned they are clever, and kids think they’re cool. Cathy, my nail technician at Finesse Nails, outdid herself once again!

Shark bites


I didn’t have a design in mind when I went to get my nails done yesterday. While soaking my feet in warm, sudsy water and relaxing into the massage chair (it’s d’bomb), I searched for Summer nail designs on my cell phone (I love technology). I pondered two possibilities, strawberries, and sharks. Cathy, my nail technician, looked at the strawberries with little enthusiasm. I showed her the sharks, and she asked: “what’s that?” When I told her the design theme was shark infested waters, she exclaimed “that one!” She was quite excited about the idea.

She picked out colors and then began creating. Oh, I have shark toes, too.