Resume the resumé writing

I tossed my former manager an email requesting my personal files from the laptop I used while employed. I figured it’d be no big deal to get my resumé and one other file I needed immediatey, I could wait for everything else.

But, no.

Apparently, the hard drive crashed while it was being backed up. That so sucks.

I asked for hard copies of my reviews, why not, they’re mine, right? It’s not that easy, I must make those kinds of requests through HR. The HR rep was supposed to call me, but she hasn’t.

I’m reconstructing my resumé with the information I have posted on LinkedIn. It’s a starting point, and I’m thankful I kept that particular social network site mostly current.

Note to self: ALWAYS keep hard copies of reviews and paystubs.

Wall Street and trading spaces

Finally! I managed to navigate through the phone tree and speak with a real person. I don’t know about you, but phone trees that go on forever irritate me.

I explained the situation to the lady over the phone and she assisted with paying off the loans and cashing out my account. Hubby and I spent several hours going over finances. We made what I think is an excellent plan, and once the check arrives I think we’ll do well for at least the next four months or so. Hopefully, by that time, I’ll have a stellar new position with a way-wicked-cool company.

It can happen.

Better living through chemestry

Phone calls, lots and lots of phone calls. I found coupons for the meds I take – good thing, too, as they are are $500 per month without insurance. I found an assistance program, too. Not sure if I’m going to use that particular program, but it’s in my bag-of-tricks should other opportunities fall through.

César Chávez day, a holiday and as Wall Street was closed, so was Prudential, and I couldn’t follow through with my plans for paying off my 401K loans or deal with whatever was left over.

Thwarted again!

Harbinger of doom

You’d think that everything would arrive at once, a clean cut, over and done with. But, no. Every day brought one new reminder that I was no longer going to the place where my co-workers and friends were. I am an outsider, no longer welcome into the hallowed halls.

Friday the final separation papers arrived.

Check’s in the mail

My final paycheck arrived. I was expecting all the requisite paperwork, but the only thing in the large mailer was a small check. Heck, it’s money, I’ll take it. It was shy two hours of work as I forgot to clock in and out the previous Friday, but what the heck, it took care of our immediate needs.

Clearing out

Wednesday, being hump day and all that, should be the turning point of the week, don’t you think? Should rarely is, I find.

I went to see my Life Coach, if ever I were in need of direction . . .

We made a game plan, lists, and activities to ensure that I remained positive and proactive. We talked about the five stages of grief, and how I’ll be bouncing around those very stages for a while.

At the moment, I was in the acceptance stage. I had a positive mind set, I felt that I was moving in the right direction, and I thought I could handle picking up my belonging with aplomb.

I was fine until I began loading my boxes into my car. Then I was spitting mad.

Mad quickly turned to sad. I probably should have pulled over once the water works began, but I didn’t.