Wrap music

The kid’s ballroom dance teacher is getting married tomorrow in a civil ceremony. Her (adult) students are hosting a small reception for her and her groom at a posh restaurant downtown. She chose not to register, and the invitation explicitly stated no gifts; however, my husband doesn’t always follow directions. Besides, it’s wine!BottlesBoxPapper It doesn’t count as a wedding gift, it’s more of a indulging-the-bride-in-one-of-her-favorite-pastimes kinda thing.

BoxIdeaOf course, he asked me to wrap it. How do you wrap a non-wedding wedding present? Further, how do you wrap two bottles of wine so they doesn’t exactly look like two bottles of wine?

I pulled out my trusty Scor Pal, glue, and all the other things necessary to be crafty. Using a 12 x 9 sheet of pressed cardboard, I made a box. It worked, but it wasn’t sturdy enough. Using foam core, I reinforced the sides and bottom. So far, so good. Someone gave me a pad of The BagCardEnvelopeStar Collection paper pad, so I used that to wrap around the box I made. Okay, so I cheated just a little. The paper wasn’t long enough, so I added a 3″ trim piece to extend it.

Of course, I had to have a coordinating card and envelope.

I’m pleased with how it turned out. I should probably write down the dimensions so that if I need to wrap two wine bottles again, I won’t need to re-invent the wheel, to use a rather tired cliché. Nah, that’d be too organized. 2WineBottlesWrapped