Life’s too short to wear boring shoes


A co-worker wears these amazing shoes she finds online at She saw a notice encouraging artists to submit their designs — and mentioned it to me. Maybe because I have lots of doodles of the Zentangle variety pinned in my cube.  I never got around to submitting art at bucketfeet, but I thought that it’d be fun to draw on shoes. I mean, why not? It’s a canvas, right?

I offered to doodle all over a pair of sneakers for her. She looked around for a comfortable pair, and then delivered them to me.

I thought about them. I worried about them. What if I made a mistake? I didn’t want to ruin a good pair or new shoes! I reminded mysel20150121_075011f that there’s no wrong way to do art, and I eventually broke it down to one section at a time. I could do one section, right? I was pleased enough with my first attempt that I moved on to another, then another. Until I got stuck and put them away.

Another coworker with whom I work also Zentangles, and while in a meeting I was surreptitiously watching her add lines to a doodle in the corner of her notepad.  Seeing her design develop, I felt that jolt of inspiration. Last night I completed the project and brought the shoes in to work for my wild-shoe-sporting coworker.

20150121_075002They are currently adorning her feet, and the story of the shoes and laces told many times over. I am enormously flattered that she likes my work well enough to want to wear my art on her feet.20150121_075125

My son donated the shoelaces and taught me the vertical bar method of lacing shoes.


Looks like I’m now on the hook to create a pair for both my son and my youngest daughter.  What fun!