Calling all tangle artists

My oldest daughter came home with a flier about a drawing contest hosted by Blick Art Materials. She and her art teacher decided that I should enter some of my drawings. So, I am.

I never thought I had a talent for drawing, but when I draw using the Tangle, Zen Doodle, or Zentangle – whatever you call it – style, I feel as though I am a “real” artist.

There are some fantastic entries. I encourage you to take a peek at

Creative note taking

Yeah, yeah, it’s true. I doodle all over my note book. However, I do write down key words, and I can go back and toggle my memory from what I’ve drawn and written.

My oldest daughter was enchanted with a flower doodle, so she duplicated it. I OctopusArmsBracletsthink she did an awesome job! She is proud of it too. So proud, that she took it, and my sketch pad, to school with her to share with her art teacher.

Notes1I’ll post her flowers when I can snatch a photo of it. I hope she’s inspired to draw more.

Anyway, here are the Zentangle “notes” she particularly likes.



After my initial plunge into Zentangle TropicalJourney01about a year or two ago, I lost interest.

One of my co-workers is quite talented at this style of drawing, and seeing her work rekindled interest.


Her enthusiasm and excitement is infectious, and I have been enjoying putting pen to paper and watching magic happen. I’ve wanted to try filling an entire page with Zentangle patterns, and I finally achieved my goal. I like the movement and flow of the  piece.

I’m thinking about titling this one Tropical Journey